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Leeds DEC work with our school has taken our children in new and exciting directions, giving them a sense of being citizens of the world

Sarah Rutty, Head at Bankside Primary School.

Families in Mozambique

Families in Mozambique carrying goods the traditional way

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About Us

Originally set up by Oxfam in 1978, Leeds Development Education Centre later became an independent educational charity. We have been raising awareness of global sustainable development issues with people in West Yorkshire for over 30 years.

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As the world becomes increasingly interdependent, we believe that every person has the right to understand and actively take part in the process of development and change which affects their lives.

To enable this to happen, our mission is to: 

  • Engage individuals in global learning to promote critical awareness of personal, local and global development
  • Empower individuals to participate in the process of sustainable global development and in decision making at all levels of society
  • Challenge and change the values, attitudes and structures which reinforce global poverty and inequality

To find out why our mission is so important, for individuals as well as the global community, please visit Why We Do It.

To find out how we achieve our mission, please visit What We Do.

Creating positive change

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Leeds DEC

Bridge Street Church

Bridge Street

Leeds, LS2 7QZ

T: 0113 373 1767


Registered Charity No. 1003862

Ltd Co. No. 2627506

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