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We recently used the DEC service to support our work during International Week. The staff were extremely knowledgeable and helpful in selecting suitable resources

Sue Kreeshaw, St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School

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“Design and layout very eye catching, draws you in to find out more.”

Martine Green, Malton and Norton Fairtrade group.

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Our bookshop is bursting with inspirational materials and Active Learning Resources including teacher handbooks, photo-packs, versatile photocopiable Classroom Activities, CD ROMs and DVDs. We produce topical, innovative, award-winning teaching materials. Please click on a catalogue to view some of the books we stock. .

These include:

  • African musical instruments box - A range of musical instruments from a variety of countries.
  • Brazil box - A range of artefacts made and used by people in the rainforest, including toys made by children out of recycled materials.
  • Guatemala box – Artefacts and fabrics from the Mayan people of Guatemala. Includes a video.
  • India box - Jewellery, magazines, brochures and more from city and rural life.
  • Kenya box - Everyday products, and recycled items from city and rural life.
  • Toys from around the world - Great toys from all over the globe.
  • Maasai box - Items made and used by the nomadic Maasai people of Kenya.
  • Peru box - Traditional artefacts and musical instruments.
  • Tanzania box - Everyday items from city and rural life in Tanzania.
  • Wajir box - Items made and used by the desert dwelling Somali people from Wajir, Kenya. Includes photos.

Artefact boxes are available to hire at a cost of £15 for 3 weeks or £20 for a half term, plus a £30 returnable deposit. To book a box please email us.

All boxes will be checked out and checked in again to ensure all items are present and undamaged.


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