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Leeds DEC educating for a just and sustainable world

I just wanted to let you know that BVB received FairAchiever status last week. We're absolutely thrilled, and we have you to thank for leading us through the process. Good work!

Lynne Ware, Belle Vue Boys school

Ireland Wood Primary School being awarded for their Peer Educatot and Global Learning Charter work

Well done to Ireland Wood for being awarded their Global Learning Charter!




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Leeds Local Authority signs up for Global Learning

Nigel Richardson, Head of Childrens Services at Leeds City Council, has signed off Leeds Global Learning Charter. This Charter commits the Council to actions including:

✓ Championing the UNCRC through the child friendly Leeds initiative

✓ Promoting the Stephen Lawrence Education Standard

✓ Working in partnership, as resources allow, with Leeds DEC to support schools to enhance their teaching and learning on the Global Dimension

✓ Encouraging schools to write their own Global Learning Charters (with links to the Stephen Lawrence Education Standard)

✓ Facilitating an online platform where schools can exchange good practice

✓ Promoting the film 'What is Global Learning' (created by Leeds schools) to all Leeds schools

✓ Making links, where appropriate, with the work Children's Services is doing with UNICEF on their child rights based approach

Peer Educators play fair

How do we know it's working?

Measuring impact assesment

Aimeth Fernandez, Colombian banana farmer impresses Leeds schools

"Fairtrade has helped my family have a better life"

Fairtrade Fortnight has got off to an inspiring start with Aimeth's wonderful stories about life on the farm. She has passionately explained how selling her bananas to Fairtrade has meant that she has been able to install electricity and running water in her house. She has also answered diverse questions from Year 1 pupils such as "Do you have any animals?" and " How do the bananas get on the plants?" (!) She has inspired Year 10 students to reflect that "Fairtrade doesn't just help the farmer- it helps the whole community."

Peer educators in action

KS2 pupils leading a banana photo sequencing excercise

How many shoes does she make?

Pupils reflect on their responses to images of garment workers as part of our Peer Educators toolkit.

Be careful with that knife, Aimeth!

Aimeth checks out our cocoa kit at Leeds DEC

Banana farmer Aimeth has a go at 'cocoa farming' with Leeds DECs Be a Cocoa farmer kit!

Mandela support

Come to see our range of resources or check out our Black history and Peace catalogues. Many lines reduced!

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