Leeds Global Learning Awards 2024

Leeds Civic Hall, Friday 21st June


Do you know of anyone who is doing fantastic Global Learning work in Leeds in a school, college, youth group or community setting? Help celebrate and share their achievements by nominating them for the Leeds Global Learning Awards.  


We are launching the first Leeds Global Learning Awards to recognise the amazing work and achievements of educators and young people around the challenges we face as a global community. Let’s recognise and inspire each other across our city to educate to make the world a fairer, more sustainable place for us all!

With categories around global justice and sustainability, we are seeking nominations right now for students, educators, institutions and groups whose actions might inspire others! Please don’t be shy to nominate your own institution or group! The aim is to share great ideas and initiatives more widely at a time when our world has never needed them more.

Nominations are warmly welcomed from children or young people schools, from teachers, youth workers and educators, from parents, carers and families, from members of community groups or just from anyone at all who appreciates Global Learning work!  Nominating is quick and easy. For more information and a nomination form contact hannah@leedsdec.org.uk

Awards for Institutions (Schools, Colleges, Community and Youth organisations)

  1. Global Justice Learning Award: this may include:
  • Education on the Sustainable Development Goals in the curriculum
  • Education on Human & Childrens Rights with global perspectives
  • Education on Peace – building and conflict resolution
  • Education on responsible consumption e.g. Fairtrade
  1. Climate Learning Award: this may include:
  • School Curriculum: a school (or keystage or department) that’s embedded climate learning into their curriculum, perhaps integrating climate learning across different year groups in interesting ways that engage the pupils / students
  • Youth Climate Learning: A youth group that integrates climate learning into its regular programme, engaging the children / young people
  1. Carbon Reduction Action Award for schools, youth and community groups: this may include:
  • Renewable energy generation
  • Saving energy / cutting carbon consumption
  • Preserving, restoring or creating carbon sinks
  1. Community Collaboration Award for schools and youth groups working with the wider community, this may include:
  • School / youth group and families / wider community working together to take action on a global issue of justice or sustainability
  • Children or young people bringing global learning home to their families in a way which has made an impact in the community
  1. Intercultural Dialogue Award: this may include:
  • Linking (global or local) in which both (or all) linking partners engage in connecting across diverse cultures to learn from each other on some issue relating to global justice and sustainability
  • Initiatives that encourage intercultural understanding, celebrate cultural diversity, and address racism
  1. Decolonising the Curriculum Award: this may include:
  • Curriculum work that addresses racism, colonial assumptions and challenges colonial mindsets. It may be where an issue in the pre-existing curriculum has been identified and addressed or it may be entirely new work bringing new perspectives into the curriculum

Awards for individual or small groups of children / young people

  1. Use Your Voice Award: this is for:
  • Initiatives in the area of global justice and sustainability on which individuals or small groups of children and young people have spoken out loud and proud and made their voices heard in some way by decision makers whether at the local level of the school or institution or at a wider level, for example city-wide decision makers or MPs.
  1. Make a Difference Award: this is for:
  • Initiatives where individuals or small groups of children / young people have had an idea and followed it through in a way which made a real difference in some area of global justice or sustainability, whether that is climate, fairtrade, welcoming refugees etc. This can be at the level of their own institution or in the wider community.

Awards for individual or small groups of educators

  1. Above and Beyond for Global Learning Award: this is for:
  • An individual or small group of educators who have gone above and beyond in bringing global justice and sustainability issues to their school or youth group. This will be an individual or group who have shown a passion for justice and / or for respecting the earth which has really inspired the children or young people they work with.
  1.  Long-term Contribution to Global Learning Award: this is for:
  • An individual or small group of educators who have faithfully contributed to global learning in their setting for a sustained period of time, demonstrating persistence and dedication over a number of years in their untiring efforts to bring global justice and sustainability issues to their school or youth group. This will be an individual or small group who have persisted through thick and thin and inspired successive cohorts of children or young people!

Nominations will close on Wednesday 5th June 2024

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We support schools and communities to nurture values (such as respect and fairness) and critical thinking that we believe are the foundations of a more sustainable, equitable and harmonious world.

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