Be a cocoa farmer

Perfect for Rainforest or Mayan topic work 

KS1 and KS2

This popular workshop, created in collaboration with the makers of Divine chocolate, uses imaginative props to teach students about the lives of cocoa farmers in Ghana, how the cocoa bean is produced, transported and processed and how buying Fairtrade chocolate makes a difference to small scale cocoa farmers. The workshop uses engaging props, role play and art to enable the children to empathise with cocoa farmers and understand the journey from bean to bar. Chocolate tasting and a sticker for each child are included too.

“Informative, interactive, fantastic pace. Hannah’s rapport with the children was brilliant, great activities.”

Year 5 teacher, Greenmount Primary School

“The children learnt a lot – liked the way that all children felt included. Lots of hands on activities, all children took part. Great recap at the end. Thank you – really enjoyed it.”

Year 1 teacher Wakefield Grammar Pre-Prep School

Learning Objectives

Pupils will:

  • Understand more about life for cocoa farmers in Ghana, West Africa
  • Tell the bean to bar story of how cocoa beans are grown, harvested and eventually turned into the chocolate bars we love to eat
  • Explain how buying Fairtrade products such as Fairtrade chocolate makes a big difference to the lives of small scale farmers in poorer countries

Curriculum links

Art, English, History, Geography, Citizenship