Islam and I


Pupils will be engrossed in practical activities such as collage creating and making art to take home that is inspired by Muslim contributions to our lives. An ideal workshop to give more balanced information and present positive images of a faith that has been much maligned in the media. This workshop has been created with our friends from Muslim Engagement And Development (MEND.)

“Activities were well prepared. Children were very engaged and on task. Good to question perceptions/differences/ similarities between people.”

Year 5 teacher, All Saints C of E Richmond Hill

“I learnt Salaam means peace”

Year 3 pupil

Learning Objectives

Pupils will:

  • Identify the contributions of Muslims and Arab culture to 21st Century life in the UK
  • Reflect on positive case studies of Muslim children talking about their faith
  • Create their own art inspired by Mohammed Ali Aerosol

Curriculum links

RE, Art, Geography

Supporting Child-Friendly Leeds Wish 4:

Differences are celebrated in Leeds so children and young people feel accepted for who they are. They do not experience bullying and discrimination.

Our 12 Wishes for a Child-Friendly City (