Local People, Global Stories


An engaging and thought-provoking workshop providing a pop-up exhibition of diverse migration stories delivered to your classroom for children to explore. Children will begin to understand the concept of unconscious bias and how this can affect migrants and will be challenged to take the pledge to become their own bias detectors! Follow up resources left with the teacher that fit into PHSE Association Programme of Study for KS2 ‘living in the wider world’, plus a ‘bias detector’ badge for each child.

“The opportunity to explore stories from others who live in Leeds worked really well and the children started to understand and empathise on a deeper level”

Year 6 teacher, Bramley St Peters

“It was an interesting experience which gave us more knowledge about how to stop making racist prejudgements”

Year 6 pupil

It’s like I’ve travelled around the world!”  

Year 5 pupil

Learning Objectives

Pupils will:

  • Be able to describe what migration is and a variety of reasons why people migrate
  • Reflect on diverse stories of migration
  • Be able to explain what unconscious bias is and why we need to challenge it

Curriculum links

RE, Geography, PSHE, English

Supporting Child-Friendly Leeds Wish 4:

Differences are celebrated in Leeds so children and young people feel accepted for who they are. They do not experience bullying and discrimination.

Our 12 Wishes for a Child-Friendly City (wearechildfriendlyleeds.com)